Arlene and the Girl Scouts

If you’re new, hello! My name is Lauren and this is my weekly update of being a comm major in a gardening internship.

My boss has the patience of a saint. When she walks through the community garden you would swear she was a celebrity…

Garden Internship Week 0

I don’t quite know how I managed to land myself here. But here I am, a communication major in a gardening internship.

In my hometown there’s a local CSA farm that also has garden plots which are leased seasonally to gardeners. The farm donates about 15,000…

What no one tells you, is how finnicky polymer clay can be. Artists on TikTok and Instagram make it look easy to tame. It’s like a magic show and they were showing people how to do it. Polymer clay is an awesome medium, if you know what you’re doing.


At what point should human intervention be stopped? Is it unethical to force a species to remain when we were the ones who decimated it or is it even less ethical to let it slip away? …

Lauren Blake

A casual observer of science, lover of plants, and an overall nerd looking to write.

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